Who Wants Weight Loss, Health Improvements and More?


Of course the answer is (almost) everyone.

So what’s the best way to deliver this?

Is there one best training method that will hit all the right places, tick the good boxes and leave no stone unturned in it’s approach to giving you a body the gods would yearn for?

Many websites, books and trainers might tell you they have the ‘best system in the world’. Just follow this plan and everything will be perfect…

Is this true though?

Well it could be, as long as this system had a way of being infinitely flexible, to deal with the infinite level of complexity offered by us all!

A recent study (http://journals.lww.com/acsm-msse/Fulltext/2010/10000/High_Intensity_Training_versus_Traditional.19.aspx

Has shown that neither High Intensity Interval Training or Steady State training is best for weightloss and maintaining glucose tolerance (read, keeping away diabetes). And neither of them are particularly good for maintaining or increasing bone density (to ward away osteoporosis). For that you will have to do strength training.

So here’s a quick tick list for you check whether you are doing (most of) what you need to do to boost your fitness:

Cardio, both steady (think running for 20mins or more) and intervals are needed (think doing 1 min run and then walking for 1 min, repeat 10-30 times)



Nice and simple. So far so good. Now we just need to make sure that the way we structure our programmes are designed to maintain progression, keep interest high AND continue to tick our health  boxes!

More on this super topic soon.

George, SuperBootCamps.

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