The Six Stages of Nutrition – Overview

The Six Stages of Nutrition – Introduction



The Six Stages of Nutrition will show you how to build your health, promote your weight loss, accelerate your fat loss and make you feel good. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to know what happens with your food in your body, and how to take advantage of this knowledge, you’ve found the right article.

If you’re like me you’ve heard a thousand times someone say something like, “I eat a healthy diet?” You might have even said it yourself, it might have even been true!
But did you know that eating a “nutritious or healthy diet” is only one step in the process of good nutrition?

And just because you eat a “good” diet doesn’t mean you’re getting “good” nutrition (for my post on what good food is click here)


It’s because diet is what you eat, but nutrition is what your cells actually receive, use and get rid of. You might now realise that there’ a lot that goes on between putting good food in your mouth and assimilating it at the cellular level!

So what?

Well, if you want the best health, you need to pay attention to each of these 6 areas. You want to make sure you’re supporting each stage of nutrition to work efficiently.

Here’s a basic overview of the “Six Stages of Nutrition.”

I’ll highlight each stage, how it works, why it’s important to your health and what you can do to support its proper functioning. Remember if you take care of your body, it will take care of you. Let’s have a look at each in brief, then at the end I’ll provide a link to each stage in detail (as I publish each page!).

Learn about the Six Stages of Nutrition and how they can help your weight loss, fat loss and muscle gain

Stage #1 Diet: Diet is everything you put into your mouth, the food you choose to eat – the macro and micronutrients you consume in foods, liquids and supplements, plus the junk food, alcohol, medications, food additives, pesticides and other toxins that can interfere with good nutrition and good health. Diet, being something that is largely determined outside the body, is the stage we have the most direct control over, and the one that has the most impact on the other five stages of nutrition.
Once you realise this, you also must realise how important it is to know how to create a good diet, so that you can support your body through the other stages, but also so your body can support you!

Stage #2 Digestion: The process of breaking down foods into nutrients that can be used by the body. Your digestive system is designed to breakdown foods into the basic nutrients, so that your body can use them. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? If it was, then billions of pounds wouldn’t need to be spend on digestive aids and medication!
I will show you how to improve your digestion, some of the causes of poor digestion, basic digestion issues, and how to naturally improve your body’s ability to breakdown the foods you eat.

Stage #3 Absorption:This is the process where the basic nutrients (if broken down properly) pass through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. I want to make sure this is going to happen for you, so we’ll take a look at the relationship between digestion and absorption and what you can do to improve yours.

Stage #4 Circulation: The process by which your nutrients are transported around your body. Think of this stage as your mass transit system. Your circulatory system is continually transporting nutrients to each and every cell in your body. Or, at least, you hope it is, right? What can you do nutritionally to ensure your transit system isn’t on strike? And, continuing the metaphor to its bitter end, if it is, how can you negotiate an agreeable contract to get your nutrients where they need to be?

Stage #5 Assimilation: The process by which your cells absorb the nutrients from the blood stream for energy, for repair and for construction. Frequently this is one of the weakest links for many people. Poor assimilation is why so many people experience fatigue on a regular basis. If you’re tired of feeling tired, exhausted with being exhausted, then you can find out what you can do about creating an abundance of healthy energy – naturally.

Stage #6 Elimination: This is the process of the removal of wastes, toxins and dead cells, which are then excreted from the body. It’s the end of the line. Literally. And, if you don’t think this is important, try sticking a potato in your car’s exhaust pipe and see what happens! Elimination isn’t just a bowel or urinary function, although that’s part of the process. Cleansing your body (elimination) starts at the cellular level. I’ll show you how to enhance your cleaning – from the cells out – and how to keep it clean forever.

As you read above, did you realise that the Six Stages of Nutrition are dependant on each other?

So, if just one stage functions improperly it can cause the whole system to breakdown, or function at less than optimal levels. Your body depends on your cells getting the proper nutrition and your cells depend on the Six Stages of Nutrition. You’re only as strong as your weakest cell. So let’s make every cell as strong as possible. Fortunately your body is also incredibly resilient and can go on being treated like sh1t for quite some time. This doesn’t mean you can forget about treating it nicely, quite the contrary, as if you want the best out of your body, you have to put the best in. A bit like that old saying, ‘garbage in = garbage out’. Let’s learn how to put quality in, so that you get quality out!